February is laminating Month!


January 2018 has been a record breaker month for us! And now we have February to take care of. And we are ready to go! We have two Komfi Amiga 52 FK laminators in stock and ready to ship. A third unit is being prepared at the factory in Czech for shipment soon. If you have though of making the leap into laminating now is the time. With excellent return on your investment we can show you how to make one of these units a money maker for your operation. Komfi laminators are engineered for performance and the units we bring in have every option available including sheet pre-heat. Are you worried about adhesion problems? The pre-heat option prepares the sheet by instantly pre-heating the surface just before the lamination process takes place. The Amiga 52 FK also includes flying knife sheet separation for very little tail flag. If you are running Scodix or MGI raised spot coating equipment the Komfi Amiga 52 FK is right for your operation. Call us at 1.877.526.6848 to book a demo today.